MoveRays is making the world a better place by promoting engaging and entertaining sports and physical activities to the next generations.

Turn your digital device into a human evolution-enhancing tool! 

Make the next generations healthiest today with a few clicks!

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MoveRays is moving the light full of health, hope, and harmony from generation to generation through engaging, entertaining, and energetic moments and movements. MoveRays has many streams to promote conscious human evolution and balanced child development.

Making the next generations healthiest by utilizing digital technology and services or through content creation is feasible. MoveRays is a vehicle to promote next-generation’s physical, social, emotional, and intellectual development. Currently, online content is primarily about intellectual development or learning. MoveRays aims to balance online content and ultimately reach goals of balanced child development.

With your support and the support of the global community, MoveRays will be a way to enhance human evolution by utilizing digital resources. MoveRays will be the lighthouse in the digital universe. Humans have progressed from candles to solar-powered lights. Similarly, MoveRays strives to bring digital innovation and advancements in social sciences into one place and progress to new heights.

Check out Kickstarter to learn more about our first fundraising campaign. Supporters will get priority access to the first booklet published by MoveRays titled “Human Settlement in the Digital Universe: Conscious human evolution through digital content creation.”

This booklet will provide further insights into how families, communities, and businesses can collaborate to generate content that promotes and facilitates balanced child development.

MoveRays is counting on your support to make the next generations healthiest. Your clicks and swipes today will be a direct investment into our future.

Let’s Engage+Entertain+Exercise for the healthiest next generations!

Support MoveRays Campaign on Kickstarter

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