MoveRays is making the world a better place by promoting engaging and entertaining sports and physical activities to the next generations.

Thank you, teachers, for raising the healthiest next generations!

Helping us plant seeds and enhancing wonderful deeds. Seeds become seedlings. We grow up playing, laughing, and mingling. Soon we will start planting seeds and spread a lot more good deeds. Thank you, teachers, for helping us plant seeds.

Thank you, teachers, for introducing sports and physical activities. Seeds you plant early help us stay active for generations to come. We understand the world around us and learn how to evolve it. You enhance human evolution every day!

We often thank teachers for helping us with our academic achievements or teaching content. Schools and teachers are much more than that. They focus on raising tomorrow’s citizens and our future leaders.

Plant images in this post are part of the kindergarten project in spring 2023. Children sowed seeds and took notes of progress. Later planted seedlings outdoors and observed these blossoming.

A kindergarten student compared this process to the sport she loves. She understood that she would practice and have the patience to improve in sports. Sports day was yet another milestone, where she enjoyed being active with classmates and parents. Gym times and access to sporting equipment daily during recess and lunch breaks augmented her love for various sports.

As a parent, I realize that children, even in kindergarten, learn so much about sports, physical activities, and active lifestyles. This takes place around the globe. Teachers contribute enormously to making our next generations healthiest.

We, parents, guardians, and the community, can play an integrant part in helping children develop in all physical, social, emotional, and intellectual domains. Let’s be conscious and ensure children are active daily and form healthy habits early on. Let’s get comfortable with sports and physical education and value it as much as we value academic success.

MoveRays promotes sports and physical activities during the early development years. Learn how we work with families, parents, and guardians to help children thrive by five through family fun and sports activities.

Engage+Entertain+Exercise for the healthiest next generations!

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