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Should we take photos of children taking their first steps?

Capturing the very first steps of the child is effortless these days. Do we know what it means to children and how it impacts them?

For a child, the first few steps are an accomplishment. They celebrate it. Emotions are high. It is the best time to enhance social and emotional well-being (eSew). Hugs, words of encouragement, and celebrations are great investments.

Capturing these first steps on a digital device can be disruptive. A child will observe a person using a digital device while experiencing high emotions.  The parent or person present will be offering partial presence.  If shared online, the other parent or family member might be preoccupied and partially experience these moments. The digital universe will play a role during these milestone moments.

Should we create a plan to develop digital content during early childhood? Can we enhance child development by having a content creation plan? Can this plan facilitate balanced child development?

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We can turn our digital devices into human evolution-enhancing tools with some planning.

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