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Raising Children, AI, or Both?

Child development and artificial intelligence (AI) development are interconnected. Our understanding of both and the interplays between these two will help us raise the healthiest next generations.

If a child has used a digital device, AI interaction has happened. AI can be embedded “in toys, virtual assistants, video games, and adaptive learning software. Algorithms provide recommendations to children on what videos to watch next, what news to read, what music to listen to and who to be friends with.” (, 2001). Therefore, experts and parents have pondered questions like…

  1. How does AI affect children’s development?
  2. How can AI help child development?
  3. How is AI used in early childhood education?
  4. Is AI beneficial for kids?
  5. What is the role of AI for kids?

While these are all great questions, the purpose of this writing is to explore if the focus should be on keeping children and AI separate or how to make the best use of AI to make the child’s development healthiest. Moreover, how can AI improve our existing systems, services, programs, and facilities for balanced child development, and how to build new ones?

The video shows search term trends online. Digital technology users have searched for resources (intellectual development) much more than the physical development of children. Balanced child development is an essential suggestion from many experts. Trends in online activity do not reflect what we want. In addition, when demand is high for specific keywords, content creators are more likely to generate content meeting this demand.

AI might also rely on such data and trends. Suppose a community or country focuses highly on the child’s intellectual or brain development, not physical or balanced. In that case, AI might learn these unbalanced insights. We can achieve two goals by raising AI around child development more consciously. We can achieve balanced child development and ensure that AI’s understanding of the child’s development is realistic.

Raising children or AI might seem like two different phenomena. At the same time, these two can be raised together, hand-in-hand. Parents and caregivers can be more conscious about the content they consume, create, or even search for. Planning and tracking content consumption and creation will ultimately balance child development. Content is the new calorie or food intake in the digital universe.

AI developers also need to keep balanced child development in mind. Even when AI is implemented in the business and education sectors, the focus can include balanced child development. Child development’s physical, social, and emotional domains can be purposefully and consciously included.

Let’s raise children and AI together today for a healthier future!


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  2. A new profession working with families to raise a child in the digital universe is in the works, much like a host at a business conference and the host family of an international student. Sign up to become a MoveRays Navigator and make a real difference by promoting and facilitating balanced child development.

Raising a child in the 21st century is complex, but never before have we had the technological resources that we have today.” (, July 27, 2001)

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