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MoveRays Ball Air Pump with Needle, Black, 8”, PVC – Ideal Hand Air Inflator for Football Soccer Basketball Volleyball & Other Inflatable Sports Balls


  • Easy to Operate – Solid body for sturdy hold with one hand and easy to grip handle for gentle movement
  • Protective – Smooth operation protects ball bladder from being punctured with the needle
  • Safety First – Needle storage in the rim for safety and to keep the needle secure
  • Portable – Ready everywhere and anytime to keep your sport, fitness and fun activities and accessories in a good shape
  • Ready to Roll – Hand operated manual air pump does not require batteries, charging or access to power source

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Technical Details

Product description

MoveRays hand air pump makes inflation of sports balls like footballs, soccer balls, basketballs, volleyballs very convenient. Designed with safety in mind. Needle storage in the rim keeps the needle safe and eliminates a sharp object around the house. Easy and safe operation of the pump reduces risk of bladder puncture while inflating or when inserting or removing needle from the ball. This air pump with a needle is small enough to pack & carry with ease and solid & strong enough to be part of your team and lifestyle.

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