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Post Online for Better Health

Yes, posting online will be better for health.

Online interactions and consumption of online content is on the rise. At the same time, computer algorithms are learning human behaviours, habits and preferences. By posting, sharing and consuming more content online about active lifestyle and physical activities, we will teach computer algorithms about fitness and exercise. In return, it will impact the health of future generations positively.

We know, we are what we eat. Similarly, our future will be what we post, share and consume online today. We primarily talk about limiting online or screen time for children. In reality, the digital world is part of the next generation’s growth. Our discussion can be how to make time spent online more beneficial and how to utilize technology to bring outcomes we desire.

Imagine a child (representing the next generation) spends X amount of time online. Entire time spent online is about video games or statistics about other video game players. Can a portion of this time be about physical activity, fitness and exercise? This can be simply about body movements, active family times and sports activities.

Therefore, let us engage+entertain+exercise in our physical world, create these moments between generations offline and post, share and access these online. We can make our future healthier, not only by teaching children or the next generation about healthy lifestyle, but also by teaching computer algorithms about such activities. We can start contributing today to create the kind of future we want to see and the world (physical and digital) we want for next generations. Rather than improving the digital world later, let us create something here and now. Yes, post active lifestyle content today, tag #moverays and share with others. Remember to “Like” your teenager/child’s post about physical activities, fitness and sports.

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