MoveRays is making the world a better place by promoting engaging and entertaining sports and physical activities to the next generations.

Physical Activities for Balanced Child Development

We often discuss balanced budgets, balanced diet and balance in other aspects of adult life. Balance is certainly a great phenomena, we should find and maintain it. On this subject, balanced child development is just as important as any other balance in our human culture.

Some common child development domains are intellectual, physical, social and emotional. MoveRays strongly believes in physical development of children, together with social and emotional development. Our mission is to promote physical development of children through creating more opportunities and through increased consciousness of human evolution. Micro observation MoveRays invites parents and adults to look at a child’s daily/weekly activities and time allocation. Is daily/weekly routine outside of the school hours in line with balanced child development? Examples… After full-time school, a child attends tuition classes or spends time in a learning environment with minimal interaction with others and with minimal physical activity. A child participates in three organized sports after school with primary focus on physical development. Macro Observation MoveRays also invites parents and adults to consider the human evolution process. In the last millions of years, what kind of activities did children do? How much time did they spend being physically active? Has the child development environment changed in the last few decades or centuries? How do we ensure that activities for children are balanced and promote growth in all developmental domains? MoveRays aims to bring resources and information to parents and adults interested in balanced child development, with primary focus on physical development of children or next generations.

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