MoveRays is making the world a better place by promoting engaging and entertaining sports and physical activities to the next generations.

Strengthening next generations through sports and physical activities, during early child development years (Enhancing Human Evolution)

10 Things We can do Today for the Next Generations - Mother Daughter Outdoors
Engage+Entertain+Exercise for the Healthiest Next Generations Engage+Entertain+Exercise for the Healthiest Next Generations
Engage+Entertain+Exercise for the Healthiest Next Generations Engage+Entertain+Exercise for the Healthiest Next Generations

MoveRays Navigators

MoveRays Navigators work with families to start or enhance sports and physical activities with their children. Helping families plant ‘active lifestyle’ seeds in early development years; to achieve balanced child development.

Do you want your child to be more physically active and involved in sports?

Do you want your child to develop a lifelong love for sports and physical activities?

Do you want to create a more meaningful connection and engagement with your child?

Do you want to ensure balanced child development in physical, social, emotional, and intellectual domains?

Are you concerned that your child has too much screen time?


MoveRays offer multiple services to parents and caregivers which can include

Creating or updating a balanced child development plan

Meeting you and your child to conduct engaging and entertaining activities

Producing a video of your child performing activities covering all domains of the child’s development by their age range

Enhancing space (interior design) at home to make room for MoveRays activities

Recommending products based on your needs and preferences

Connecting you with local programs, resources, and services

Providing support and much more

If it takes a village to raise a child, let us create a map of your village utilizing modern services and resources.

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Creating a Video for Balanced Child Development

Do you have or do you plan to create a 5-minute video of a child’s activities or activities which will reinforce sports and physical activity and show social and emotional bonds? Would you like to work with a professional videographer, editor, and scriptwriter who also have knowledge and expertise in child development?

Our professional team will ensure that the contents show balanced child development. Some examples are

  • A mix of activities that create socially, emotionally, physically, and intellectually engaging experiences
  • Dialogue between children and parents, and caregivers
  • A mix of indoor and outdoor activities

Do you believe that the videos and photos you have already taken or will take can reinforce healthy habits for years and decades to come? Let us work together to reap more benefits from your videography.

Connect today and receive a bonus 20 minutes discovery call!

Please click “Submit Request Here” above or contact us if you have questions or if you need to book time outside of available spots. We’ll make sure to reach out to you. 

Join our Team

MoveRays Navigators have backgrounds and training in various fields, such as sports coaching, fitness training, child development advising, and baby photography.

Do you want to be part of an innovative and modern approach to building the next generations?


Mackie is a retired physical education teacher. She has coached sports teams for decades. Mackie is good friends with her neighbors who have 2 children under the age of 5. Mackie believes in introducing sports and physical activities in early development years. She meets her neighbors once a week in their backyard. She finds many creative ways to utilize existing sports equipment and toys to offer a multi-sports experience to children. It can include lawn bowling, soccer, football, mini basketball, mini hockey, dancing, and a mix of everything. Parents value Mackie’s knowledge, experience, skills, and support. Children enjoy engaging moments with a trusted neighbor. Mackie is happy to continue doing what she has done all her life. Above all, Mackie enjoys investing in the next generations. Three generations come to play together.


Sunny is a 3rd-year university student and has experience in working with children. He meets a family once a week where both parents are medical professionals with busy schedules. Sunny plans activities based on family and child’s interests and conforms to MoveRays guidelines. The child looks forward to this weekly event and there is always something new every week. Parents appreciate that 3 generations come to play together. Sunny is happy to make a positive impact on the next generations and to earn while working within walking distance from his campus. Parents value an additional social and emotional relationship their child has established in the early years.


Edward creates videos and photos of what someone wants to be, in addition to what someone is now. Imagination becomes reality for young minds very quickly. Edwards has captured babies looking at the baseball bat for the first time, walking around with a baseball bat as a toddler to hitting a ball mid-air with the bat. Edward focuses on making sports activities fun, part of daily life, and a vehicle to enhance social and emotional development.


Gord has a keen interest in utilizing modern sciences and digital technologies to make human evolution better than ever before. For over 20 years, Gord has provided referrals and advisory services to families and communities. In 2020, Gord started the MoveRays journey, with a commitment to enhancing the experience of each child, leading them to be more active and healthier, generation after generation.

Do you want to be part of an innovative and modern approach to building the next generations?

Questions and Answers

MoveRays is a way of making the next generations healthiest and becoming more conscious about it. Parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, siblings, friends, service providers, groups, and organizations are all ideal investors. MoveRays believes that enhancing human evolution is our collective responsibility and is not limited to parents only.

MoveRays concepts, methods, and services can benefit all children and families with children of all ages. Our services have enhanced focus for children under 5 years of age or early development years. “Getting children into activities at the earliest opportunity establishes a pattern … you can’t start too early” Claire-Marie Roberts, psychologist and head of coach development at the Premier League. With this in mind, we can start as early as the family wishes.

Development plans prepared by MoveRays are general in nature, for example, a road map for a 5-year long trip. These are not to replace development plans prepared by healthcare professionals in whole or in part. At times, MoveRays plans will complement other development plans. For example, if a child has a speech and language development plan in place, MoveRays will focus on physical development through engaging and entertaining activities accommodating speech and language needs.


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Interested in becoming a MoveRays Guide/Navigator?