MoveRays is making the world a better place by promoting engaging and entertaining sports and physical activities to the next generations.
5-in-1 Volleyball Fitness Kit for Outdoor, Beach, Backyard Games, Training, Workout, Home Exercise for Women, Men, Youth – Set of Hand Grip Strengthener, Jump Rope, Resistance Band, Pump, 1 Needle

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

How is MoveRays different from regular exercise and sports activities?

MoveRays strongly believes in all regular exercise and sports activities for all ages and of all kinds. MoveRays offers added bonus as our goal is to increase family time together while being active, as well as where parents, grand-parents and caregivers can be positive role models of an active lifestyle.

Are MoveRays fitness accessories/products for children?

MoveRays fitness accessories and services are primarily for parents and caregivers. Each product indicates the suggested age group/range. Products are designed for parents and caregivers to use while caring for young children* and with children**, where appropriate. Adult presence (supervision) and safe usage is always recommended, even when the product is marked as a children’s product. MoveRays products are also easy to pack for safe storage (out of reach of children).

  • Example: 2 years old child playing with blocks while parent/caregiver doing stretches.
  • Example: Teenagers and parents/caregivers playing with the volleyball.