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Exercise – Is it for Adults Eyes only?

We take children’s safety seriously and we have agreed on many standards at the global level. We often see messages like “for adults only” or “keep it out of reach of children”. While these all serve an important purpose and put children’s safety first…

Is exercise also for adults only?

Should children see their parents or adults exercising?

Should parents/adults exercise with their children?


Gyms and fitness studios do not allow children and parents to do a great job of going to gyms and fitness studios to keep themselves fit. When they are at home, around children, they rest by sitting down and, at times, watching screens.

We believe that children learn from role models around them. Unconscious actions, like in the scenario above, can send undesired messages to children or our future generations.

MoveRays encourages everyone to be positive role models of active lifestyles for children. Creativity can always help find ways to become active together with children in a fun environment, leading to fitness.

Children’s safety is certainly important. Activities can be age and ability appropriate and hobby based. Some examples can be dancing, using a balloon as a volleyball (ball) and using a ball and empty bottles to create a bowling lane. Little touch of creativity multiplies the fun and keeps interest on the rise.

Going to adult only gyms and fitness studios has certainly many benefits. Where possible, children can come in once a while just to watch their role models exercising or place where they exercise. Gyms and fitness studios can also offer certain activities where adults and children can be active together.

Above all, where and how to be positive role models for next generations while exercising, is easily achievable when we are conscious about it.

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