MoveRays is making the world a better place by promoting engaging and entertaining sports and physical activities to the next generations.

Conscious Human Evolution for Health of Generations

We heavily rely on modern scientific findings about stress management, healthy life styles and benefits of physical activities. Relaxation, deep breathing and conscious breathing are commonly mentioned in our interactions. While conscious human evolution has also been discussed for decades, are we (humans) evolving as consciously as we can?

Evolutionary sciences report how spices evolved for millions of years. It is commonly believed that all species were physically active during this evolutionary process. For example, hunting and gathering food or relocation for survival kept humans physically active.

We have scientific findings on how important physical activities are for health. We often look at these findings on an individual basis and individual risks. How do our actions impact universal human evolution? Should we continue to move like our ancestors did for millions of years? Should we move like other species who evolved together with humans?

While these questions can make any debate better. In this blog, the focus is only on the benefits of humans moving together with other humans, children moving with their siblings, parents, grand-parents and other people. Modern sciences (social and evolution) often support playful physical activities among generations as these have profound benefits.

Just like conscious breathing, MoveRays® promotes micro moments of people being physically active together, especially with children or in the presence of children. While it can be scheduled activity, if a family or an individual desires it, MoveRays® promotes that everyone is mindful of evolution and spends time doing fun and physical activities together.

Engaging and entertaining activities can be even once a day or a few times a week. These can be of any duration and of any intensity. Most important is that we, today’s generations, are conscious about how our actions impact the future of humanity. How our micro moves, while being conscious of human evolution, invest into our healthier and happier future.

MoveRays invites everyone to take a moment to realize that we are one collective physical energy, always on the move and on the move for millions of years. We are not individual physical objects. Therefore, let us find time and ways to enhance human evolution.

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