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Come, Play with Me!

‘Come, Play with Me!’ Ideas to introduce sports and physical activities during early development

Children often ask, ‘Come, Play with Me!’ After all, playing and moving is natural, just like newborn will suck their thumbs. As parents, we look for engaging and fun ideas to help children play independently and with other children and adults.

Play involving physical activity can help reap more benefits. Children under age five might only do an activity for a short duration, such as kicking a ball in the mini net about 5 to 10 times. Families need to tweak these plays to increase their playtime and engagement level. When a child has stopped kicking the ball into the mini soccer net, using that ball as a basketball may be something to transition into. It will ensure lower and upper body movements and extend play time. Eventually, a child will find a ball and do these activities independently. These little playtimes can take place almost anywhere. A hallway, living room, backyard, and park are great choices.

The ‘Come, Play with Me!’ video offers ideas to advance a child’s interest in sports and physical activities. This type of set-up, outdoors or indoors, can help young children in multiple ways.

Fill in the Blanks with Fun and Creative MoveRays Activities
Finding the next fun and creative activity is always thrilling. Playing hockey with a ball and then using that ball to hit a target is a whole new world to the child.

Multi-Sports Introduction Day
Exposure to a multi-sport environment will help children expand their horizons and find their favorites.

F5 Key to Refresh (Flourish Family Fun with Fitness Focus)
F5 Key is known to refresh web pages when the page is unresponsive for some time. When a child has not done a physical activity for a while, F5 will be helpful. If a child has not used a ball and mini soccer net for a while, the family can find ways to hit F5. It could be playing using the same mini net and ball in a new location or with a new friend.

Brighten Spaces and Faces with Engaging New Experiences
We eat at home every day, yet going to a restaurant or having our first barbecue in the summer ignites some thrills. Similarly, when a family and child are already active, a new experience will enhance engagement. As shown in the video, setting up the backyard as a multi-sport environment will be a step above. For a child, it might be a shining new diamond!

Engage+Entertain+Exercise with the Next Generations
Being a role model of an active lifestyle and enjoying sports activities with the next generations is a form of evolution. We humans, unlike animals, do not spend much time being active together during early development years. MoveRays activities are designed to bring generations together. These activities can be between grandparents and grandchildren or children and parents/people of any age.

Ideas for Family Fun Activities, Birthday Parties, and Family Functions
The ‘Come, Play with Me’ video content is original and created in one location in one session by MoveRays. It invites curiosity and imagination for viewers to think how these or similar activities can be part of family fun activities, birthday parties, and family functions.

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