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Are Teenagers Permitted to be Healthier?

How to bring a change in the village to make the next generation healthier?

In the back of parents’ minds, one question often surfaces is if teenagers are permitted in that given space. It can also happen at many unexpected places as well.

A family purchases a townhouse. Parents and their teenager child drop-in to their common area in their complex. Everyone is excited to make use of these facilities and make it their new home.

A caretaker greets the family and asks them to sign documents. He highlights areas on the forms and verbally notifies that teenagers are not allowed in the gym. Anyone under the age of 18 is not permitted anywhere in the common area (such as pool and reading area) after 8 pm, each day of the week.

Parents had planned to workout in the gym, something part of their new home and new life. As they approach the exercise room, they see another sign saying “children under 16 are not permitted inside the exercise room”. Caretaker also enforces this rule.

Later in the day, there is no one else by the poolside, beside this family. Around 7:50 PM, a caretaker comes around to remind them that children are not permitted after 8:00 pm, while adults can stay till 11:00 pm.

Teenagers can naturally have many questions in these scenarios.

  • This new place has a play area for very young children and many more facilities for adults, how come they are misfit here?
  • How come there is no space for teenagers to exercise or do some physical activities, especially with their own parents?
  • What exactly happens after 8:00 pm around an outdoor pool? Is this rule on demand of when teenagers are present? other people/residents? If so, how come they do not want to be in or around the pool.
  • How come I am not permitted here? Is my presence a burden for someone? Am I reducing the enjoyment time of my parents?

MoveRays is the voice of teenagers, children and parents who want to be active together. MoveRays is committed to increase awareness on the needs of children and teenagers and invites everyone to be more conscious of full implication of day-to-day decisions and actions.

In the scenario above, parents can have a child/teenager friendly area on their mind when making decisions such as purchasing a new home. Real Estate agents can be vigilant to inquire about sentiments of a townhouse community on children. Strata councils can revisit their policies such as creating spaces where children and teenagers can be active together with their parents.

Above all, teenagers and children are permitted here. We say ‘it takes a village to raise a child’, let us ensure that everyone in the village understands what children and teenagers need and how to include them in decisions we make and policies we create.

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