MoveRays is making the world a better place by promoting engaging and entertaining sports and physical activities to the next generations.

10 Things We can do Today for the Next Generations

1. Spend time moving and having fun, where possible, among generations (of any age).

2. Offer encouragement when someone is playing sports or being active, especially children.

3. When buying a gift for a child or family with children, consider a product that will create engaging and entertaining moments and movements.

4. Ask a family with young children if you can support them in being more active. Give time, such as a set-up gift or play with the family using the ball you just gave.

5. While meditating, visualize the next generations playing sports and being physically active.

6. Create a MoveRays category on your daily planner or fitness tracking device.

7. Create a post with images/videos of children playing with parents/adults to inspire others.

8. Like posts promoting sports and active living to children/families.

9. Connect online with an organization or donate to an organization that promotes sports or the active lifestyle of children.

10. ‘It takes a village to raise a child.’ Be part of the village. Create one in your neighborhood or your circles.

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